These Instructions are for Fishbellies corn bags.
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FISHBELLIES CAUTION - Read before first use (These warnings are also included with each Fishbellie shipment) 
Fishbellies are hot/cool packs filled with extra clean, non-popping, large kernel corn. Corn bag therapy has been used for many years to pamper and soothe achy body parts. Please follow instructions carefully to ensure a long and safe life for your Fishbellie.

Microwave Guppies 30 seconds. Microwave Big and Little Fishbellies 1-2 minutes, adding 30 second intervals as needed. USE CAUTION upon initial heating as every microwave has different wattage. You may also refer to product tags for individual instructions. 


  • ADULT SUPERVISION required. Do not heat Fishbellie in microwave UNATTENDED!
  • Age 6+ Not for babies as contents may get extremely hot!
  • Fold fishtail under fishbellie to heat. MIX CONTENTS occasionally during heating to avoid hot spots.
  • Use only in microwaves WITH TURNTABLE. This distributes heat evenly, preventing damage/hot spots to your Fishbellies corn bag.
  • Do not use Fishbellies on numb body parts as this could cause SERIOUS INJURY to skin.
  • Place Fishbellies in a plastic bag when storing in freezer to protect from odor.
  • Store at room temperature or in a cool dry place to prolong the life of your Fishbellie. DO NOT store in extreme heat and humidity due to natural corn contents.