Fishbellies fish-shaped, microwavable corn bags are the perfect solution for aches and pains.

Made exclusively in New York, our stylish and functional corn pillows can be put in the freezer and used as a cold pack, or microwaved and used as a cute heating pad. Choose from a variety of sizes and patterns to find the perfect get-well gift, or order a heat bag for pain that matches your personality.

Our smallest corn bags, Guppies, make the best small heating pad or cold pack for migraines, scrapes, or bruises. Little Fish are perfect as a lower back heating pad and can provide relief for shoulder, neck, or muscle pain. Big Fish are extra long to offer heated comfort for the whole body and are best used as a microwavable neck wrap.

If you need more than a microwavable heating pad, be sure to explore our jumbo Gordo pillows – a fish body pillow that brings style to any room in the house! Fishbellies corn bags and pillows are made from all-natural materials, and make great gifts! Explore our selection today.